Renewing Your Mind

Hi, I’m Doctor Magda and welcome to the Renewing Your Mind blog. The purpose of this site is to explore and discuss mental health and wellness from a Christan perspective and the information I share here is based on my own story.

I have seen depression from every angle: as a clinician during eight years in family practice, as a family member, and as a patient who had chronic, treatment-resistant depression for many years. This combination of experience has given me a passion for helping people overcome depression, as well as a unique perspective on what’s needed for recovery.

I am no longer in active practice and I do not diagnose or treat individuals with depression or other mental disorders.My work now exists to raise awareness about depression and teach about the importance of lifestyle strategies for long-term stability. My story of recovery since implementing these tools is one that inspires and provides hope.

Please note that the information in this blog is presented for educational purposes only. Readers should consult with a licensed health care provider for specific concerns.